Thursday, January 05, 2006


Boring blog about Christmas Presents!

I'm suffering a bit from writers block lately...I guess after the excitement that was Christmas and New Year things have just got back to normal and therefore it seems a bit dull to write about the same old thing.

I thought about quickly skimming through what I got for that too materialistic? Oh to heck with it, I'm in a weird mood, so I don't care what people think, I'm going to do it anyway! Some of these were jointly gifted to me and Martha by the way...

I got some awesome CD's and DVD's...a best of Blondie CD, which has been playing non-stop in my car since I started back to work...I was too young to fully appreciate Blondie back in the day, but seriously there is hardly a duff track on this album. I love it!

I also got the album Monaco, by Monaco. It's good, but not as good as their Music For Pleasure album...nonetheless it's also on rotation in my car right now and fills a gap I've been wanting to bridge in my CD collection for some time.

Also on CD was the Sugababes latest Taller in More Ways. I have yet to listen to this but Martha has heard it through and assures me its good. With a cover of the 80's classic "Obsession" how can you go wrong!!! Their last two singles from the album are great anyway, so I can't imagine why I would have any issues with this album.

More for Martha than me, we also got They Might Be Giants, Dial-A-Song CD. I love the Malcolm In The Middle song, so doubtless I'll find plenty more I like here too, but Martha is the true TMBG fan.

On DVD I got Groundhog Day...I know some might find this a weird one, but I totally LOVE this movie. Weirdly I don't really like Bill Murray or Andie MacDowell, but this film is just so brilliantly put together and their roles just seem right. It's one of the few movies that makes me properly laugh out loud.

Also on DVD we got Robots. We've not seen this yet (we missed it at the cinema) but I am genuinely excited about it as it was something I was quite keen to see when it was out at theatres. It's also cunningly got a Robots action figure with it so there'll doubtless be fighting between me and Audrey over who gets to play with that!!!

Anyway, thats quite enough to be getting on with...there were plenty more gifts - maybe if I'm stuck for blog ideas I'll do this again!


No one can go wrong giving you CDs or DVDs. I love them too and I'm glad you got ones that have turned out to be great. It's the pits when you get worked up to listen to or watch a CD or DVD only to be let down. And I don't understand the whole Groundhog Day thing -- I've never really cared for that maovie, but if it makes you giggle then have at it my friend! :)
Those sound like awesome CD. And I laughed when you said you would fight with Audrey over the Robots figurine. You know you have to let her win, right? That's what daddies are for ;)
SS - That's mostly true - DVD's especially - I'm such a movie addict just about any film would do really! Sorry you don't get Groundhog Day...I guess it just appealed to my sense of humour (ie warped!)

Scott & Julia - Hi! Thanks for visiting! I think you're right about me having to let Audrey win, although once she's in bed asleep the robot is MINE! Bwah ha ha ha!
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