Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Audrey update and King Kong!

So Audrey's two year check went well.

She showed off her jigsaw puzzle skills and the health visitor who saw her commented on her "excellent" speech! I try try try not to be the doting Dad who thinks their kid is the smartest, cutest one of all, but I felt really proud today because the compliment was coming from someone whose job it is to check these things. If she thinks her speech is excellent, it must be true!

Audrey was a little uppity about getting on the scales to get weighed and measured though, and we had to bribe her into doing it with a biscuit. Her weight isn't up at all since her 18 month checkup, so she's in a lower percentile, but nothing to worry about. However she has grown (and I think maybe grown since her birthday only a month ago but need to check that) and this seems to be making up for the lack of weight gain.

The general concensus is to give her more milk and egg, particularly now introducing whole milk into her soya milk feeds. I'm a little nervous about it simply because I hate seeing Audrey sick and having to deal with the puke. However our childminder made a good point that we have good medicine that works if she has a reaction and also Audrey is now able to tell us when she feels like she is going to be sick. Therefore if she does suffer any ill effect we should be able to deal with it before she throws up.

Last night we went to the cinema to see King Kong! I've been ordered by Southern Sweetheart not to give anything away, but I thought it was bloody good. I think Martha enjoyed it more than she expected to as well. Of course it's not without it's problems (what movies are truly 100% perfect?) but I will say that to director Peter Jackson's credit, he really knows how to shoot fast paced fight scenes.

Time after time I bemoan the fight scenes in movies that are cut so fast you can't tell what is going on or where people are, and where they end up. To me it's simply a directors way of dodging the technicalities of filming intricate action scenes without having to put any thought into it. However, I noticed with all three Lord of the Rings movies that the fight scenes, which are similarly fast paced with short cuts, all seemed to make sense. You could always follow the action, and were never left wondering how someone wound up getting some other place during the fight. The same is true in King Kong. Everything in the fighting and action sequences makes sense. Not once was I left wondering how or why the action was progessing in a certain way. I think the attention to that detail alone is astonishing.

Anyway, obviously last night there was no Harvey workout for Martha and me. It was too late when we got home, but tonight we're getting right back to it and we're going to move to Level 2 - it's a longer workout with harder exercises. Also since its been a week, I should do a weigh in and let you all know if I'm now less than 170lbs! Keep your fingers (and everything else) crossed!

EDIT: Just did Level 2 of the workout...I'm pooped but feeling good about it! And I just weighed myself and I am now 168lbs - I lost 2lbs this week! Yay!

Oh wow! Congrats to Audrey for her "excellent" speech! :) have you guys figured out what she's saying now that you mentioned in the other week in your post?

Thanks for not spilling the dish on KK -- :)

And CONGRATS on the 2 pounds of weight lose! :) That's great! Wish I had lost 2 pounds this week.
SS - Thanks, I don't think 2lbs is that spectacular but its a start! King Kong rocks - you need to see it!
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