Thursday, December 15, 2005


Who watches the Watchmen?

This morning was bad at work. In an unrelated episode to yesterdays visit from Her Majesties finest tax collectors, I lost my temper with another Customs officer, effed and jeffed a bit at them, told them that as an outfit they were totally incompetent and was generally very disagreeable with them.

To the womans credit she stayed calm the entire time and just let me babble on relentlessly about what a shambles our tax collecters have become.

It's a long story, and not one I'll bore you with here, but it basically boils down to having been told by one offficer to do something a certain way, only to find that the information they gave me was completely wrong. If that weren't bad enough, this is now the second time it's happened on the self same job - the self same officer having now given me completely duff (although different to the first time) information twice!

Hello, but we pay our taxes to employ these people - I'd at least like to think they know how to do their job!

I wouldn't normally mind but for the fact that it requires me to resubmit the documents for a third time, which is a complete and utter waste of my time and energy, not to mention paper and money (which I am going to have to bill to my customer who is going to be less than impressed). All this considering that Customs have now received and somehow lost two sets of documents sent to them already which should have been more than enough for them to have completed the work they needed to do in the first place.

Anyway, I'll shut up now.

The rest of my day was much better thankfully, and when I got home I did something wild and reckless - I wrapped Christmas gifts! I was thinking how spoilt Audrey is - she's got a stack of gifts (none of which are from Martha and I!) - it's funny because I think no matter how hard you try not to spoil your child, you can still bet someone else will do it for you. Not that I mind - it means I don't feel obliged to buy Audrey games or toys - I can spend my money on clothes for her or tuck money away in her bank account - it's not like she's going to care this year if Mummy and Daddy haven't got her some huge ass present. Obviously that will all change soon enough, but I think while she's still of an age where she's unlikely to hold it against us, it's better that we see about providing the necessities for her, and looking at her future rather than lavishing her with toys. I'll leave that to her extended family!

Anyway, I realised I also didn't say any more about Audrey's birthday on Tuesday. We had a lovely day with her and she was well behaved. After opening gifts at breakfast time, we spent the rest of the morning at the local Wacky Warehouse where she was able to play safely and we got some nice photos. The big shocker is I now have one photo which, having been officially approved for publication, includes Martha!

After that we drove to our favourite restaurant - this was where Mummy and Daddy got to have their part of the days fun by having a lovely meal. Martha had her usual, and I had a game pie with chips. It was wonderful food, but I'm still picking the Scrabble letters out of my teeth (sorry, couldn't resist the pun).

At 3pm Audrey was booked to go for her first ever dental appointment (yeah, I know, on her birthday - how cruel are we?!). It went very well. Audrey sat with Mummy in the dentists chair and was very obliging with opening her mouth although she wanted to suck on that little dentists mirror more than anything else. For her trouble she received a Finding Nemo sticker which she seemed more interested in sticking on her nose than anywhere else.

Once back home we pretty much had a normal evening...I think a good day was had by all. Anyway, I leave you with the photo of Martha and Audrey inside the Wacky Warehouse - and there was me thinking I'd never see padded walls again...nurse, is it time for my medication yet?!

The work stuff sounds like an uncalled for pain in the ass! Hope it all works itself out.

Looks like you guys had a great day celebrating A's birthday! And the picture of M and A is too cute! :)
Aren't they beautiful! I'm finallly home and I missed my blogging buddies something fierce!
Lovely pic!

Don't worry about customs and their papers. God, life is way too short to get upset over these things... Peace, Man...
SS - The work stuff was an uncalled for pain in the ass, but I took great pleasure in writing a wonderful two page letter of complaint to Customs yesterday - we'll see what happens!

OGO - Great to see you're back! And yes, they are!

Unshroud - Hmm, I did get upset initially, but as per my comment to Southern Sweetheart, I've got it off my chest and complained to them officially now. I just hope someone there gets a kick - it's just not on!
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