Saturday, December 10, 2005


Twitch, twitch

Well the party's over and we survived!

I don't think I'm permanently scarred either, but I don't rule out getting 'Nam style post traumatic stress flashbacks...

Everything pretty much went to plan, although we prepared way too much food, and the activity we had of the foam Christmas tree ornaments and glitter pens never happened. It didn't need to - the children just played and played, ate a bit, and then played some more. In the end Martha put some foam shapes in their goody bags and each one got a glitter pen. Their goody bags were bulging with stuff - I think we overdid it, but then we'll probably go down as the most preferred kids party hosts simply because you can bet the boys and girls will come away with a massive haul of free toys and sweets.

Audrey didn't nap today and as a result had a meltdown mid party, right when we wanted her to blow out her candle on the cake. The crying was a bit of a put on, but I'm not sure why since she was very much the centre of attention - maybe it was just too overwhelming for her?

Anyway, the afternoon whizzed by without any major incidents and once everyone had gone, my parents stayed back and treated us all to Chinese takeaway for supper. I have to admit to being at a point of not caring by then. I'm not sure if it was the beer I'd drunk that afternoon, or the fact I hadn't had a proper meal all day, but I was feeling pretty grisly - my stomach didn't feel right and I've stayed clear of further alcohol for the rest of the evening. Audrey stayed up well beyond her bedtime but as a result was sound asleep in no time.

So, my parents have now departed, Martha is calling her home, and I'm blogging...I guess its all back to normal again...although lately I'm not entirely sure what normal is...time for bed - I need some sleep!

Sounds like the party went over well! And man! How 'bout those party favors -- you guys didn't miss a thing. I never got goodies like that at any parties I went to!

Glad you all had a good time and that Audrey had a wonderful party!
Happy Birthday little lady!
It's her party and she can cry if she wants to...

For the most part, we've learned that we don't need to plan very many things for kids' parties either. They just play and eat, play and eat.

Glad it worked out ok!
Oh, and absolutely her being the center of attention was overwhelming for her. Most kids don't know what to do at that point. I usually give my kids some time by themselves at their own party at that age (Maya would need about 10 minutes in her crib by herself).
SS - Yes, the kids got spoiled with their goody bags...stand by for the real "official" birthday blog on Tuesday (Audrey's like the Queen - she has two birthdays!!!)

Priya - Yes, that song did get mentioned. You're right - we've come away from this and learned from it, and we probably wont need to go to half the effort next time. When Audrey had her meltdown I took her out to see my parents dog which calmed her down, but when I brought her back in she cried again. Oh well, she seems pretty happy this morning!
Happy birthday little Audrey!

Boy, those birthday parties can be exhausting! We just had one for Dan a couple of weeks ago (he's the same age as your Audrey)... Not half as fancy as your party lol, but still, a pleasure to go through and even better when you're done with it :)
Annette - Yes, I am glad its over - and we'll know better what to do next time...
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