Monday, December 05, 2005


Sunday, bloody Sunday

Well, yesterday was a mixed day. I would have blogged sooner, but I was so tired, and went right to bed once my weekly dose of "Lost" was over.

We got up relatively early and headed out to get the lights for our Christmas tree. The first place we tried was crap - it only had white lights, and we wanted coloured ones, but we did pick up a few bits and bobs for Audrey's birthday party so it wasn't an entirely wasted trip.

After that we went to a shop called Hobbycraft looking for inspiration for activities the kids can do on Saturday. I'd been chatting online the night before to a blogchum about this since they have kids and I thought maybe they'd have some experience in the field, so to speak, and I picked up some interesting ideas. Anyway, this store stocks all arts and crafts materials, so it seemed like a logical place to start and with some new ideas in mind we were able to home in on some things quite quickly.

In the end we found some foam Christmas decoration kits - these contain pre-cut/moulded foam shapes (snowflakes, baubles, trees) and twine to hang them by, but also coloured glitter glue pens so the kids can decorate them how they like and then of course take them home to hang on their own trees. We thought it was pretty neat - lets hope the kids do too!!! We need a few more ideas, but so far we haven't come up with anything...anyone else got any thoughts!?

Fortunately Hobbycraft also had multicoloured Christmas lights! I kind of picked them up in a hurry without really looking, but whenh I got home to check that they worked was surprised that they have about 8 functions on them...not great if you're prone to epileptic fits, but fabulous otherwise!

Anyway, from Hobbycraft we went on to my parents for Sunday lunch. The traditional British roast beef, yorkshire puddings, vegetables and roast potatoes. Yum! We also bought a chocolate torte dessert which was lovely - totally wrong of course, but how could anyone resist!? Anyway, there was also quite a lot of alcohol flowing that afternoon too, and I did the very wrong thing of mixing my grape and my grain. I think a combination of that and my junk food from the day before just put my body into shutdown, and I started to feel quite queasy, and combined with tiredness and generally feeling tipsy, I decided it was a good idea to simply crash on my parents sofa for the rest of the afternoon. Even when we got home I didn't feel right, so I skipped supper and ended up having a cup of tea and a bag of crisps when "Lost" started.

The tree didn't get decorated which was a great shame, but hopefully thats something that can be achieved tonight or tomorrow. I did achieve however...Martha and I finally got our butts in gear and paid some money into Audrey's Child Trust Fund. We've been wanting to for a while now but never felt like we had enough spare money to do it, but decided before her birthday we needed to max it out - you see you can only pay so much into it each year, the aniversary being the childs birthday, so it makes good sense to max it out if you can, then you can start again for the next year...Government savings schemes! Just brilliant!

So now it's back to the grind...and build up to the big party event on Saturday! We have so much to do, and so little time!!!

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