Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Scotch Corner

I have mentioned before (although possibly not here on Blogger) that I do enjoy my whisky. Not to the point of alcoholism of course, but if it's on offer I'll usually be happy to have a glass, a dram, a shot etc.

I don't normally even buy the stuff - if I have it in the house it's usually because it's been given to me as a gift. I received a bottle in September on my birthday from my wife - a litre of Bushmills Single Malt, and since then to my recollection I have only had one other bottle.

My problem is, when it is in the house I drink it...I can't let it sit for weeks untouched...I have to have a glass of it every night until it's gone. I don't drink copious amounts in one go, so usually a bottle will last me a couple of weeks on this basis. Once it's gone, it's gone...I don't go out and buy another bottle and can go for weeks or even months without it (with the exception of the occasional dram when I visit my parents).

The thing is, I don't know whether this should trouble me or not. I don't get drunk - I don't drink enough to even get drunk - I've been there and done that and it's not a place I want to go again if I can help it. What bothers me more is that when it is available I will continue to drink it, albeit gradually. What if it was always there, "on tap", an endless supply - could I become dependent on it even on just one shot a day?

Anyway, I only bring the subject up because I received a bottle of whisky (Famous Grouse) for Christmas from my parents. I just cracked it open tonight - largish glass, 3 ice cubes - lovely! Even better with the Belgian chocolates I have sitting next to me right now too!

Maybe my concerns are unfounded - I know there are people out there with far worse problems where alcohol is concerned, and if I can stick to my ways I don't really see as it can do any harm. We'll see how long this bottle lasts me anyway and hopefully the next one wont be until at least Easter!

I hear ya Gabby, but it sounds as if you have things under control. If you were to have something around to drink all the time though I would be worried about you.
Well, if it were red wine, a glass a day would be considfered a healthy addiction...

SS - Well, I have to admit it's unlikely to happen that I would have whisky lying around the house hopefully you're right...

Unshroud - I don't even drink wine every day and we've got bottles of the stuff here...
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