Thursday, December 01, 2005


My blog site...

OK, I'm very annoyed with Myblogsite today. November 30th was supposedly the big switch off for all Myblogsite accounts - the notice said no new posts will be permitted after this date.

So, I decided to check this morning, December 1st, and to my surprise there was my old blog still fully intact!

OK, I thought, maybe I just can't post to it, so I logged in, and there was the message reminding me of the big switch off. Then I posted an entry (you can see it if you like at and left the building.

So what exactly is the deal here, because to be perfectly honest, I never wanted to move from there, and if they're going to continue running, what the hell am I doing wasting my time here?

Someone suggested to me that it may have been a cunning ruse to get people to sign up for paid accounts...if it is, it's pretty low, and I'd sooner take my business elsewhere anyway, but that wouldn't make a great deal of sense. On the other hand, maybe their schedule of shut down is just delayed and my blog will disappear in the next day or so (if it hasn't already by the time you read this).

Really I just don't like being told something and them not following through on it. I went to the effort to move my blog and quite frankly, a lot of people have helped me to move it, make my decision and get it set up - it's not just affecting me, but them too.

Anyway, I hope they are just behind schedule, because if they remain online, I'm going to have a serious quandary on my hands. Although, I'll probably just stick with Blogger - if Myblogsite can't make up their minds, why should I blog there?

My guess is that they never had any intention of removing your blog, and they just wanted you to pay for their premium service. I think you're right though...I'd much rather go somewhere else than deal with a deviant company like that.

I like Blogger for the most part. I haven't had too many beefs with them, other than a little downtime here and there.
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I say screw them! Yeah, you heard me.
Umm... since I happen to have a stake in your new home here and getting it moved over - I say leave them alone and keep your british butt here! I say that in the nicest way possible! :)
Techymike - I sincerely hope you are wrong here, but I guess time will tell - I'm staying here at Blogger now - I've invested too much time in it not to.

OGO - Said with true passion! Well, you know what - I say screw them too!

SS - (OK, I'm not liking that shortening of your name) Anyway, I'm going to just peeves me because I liked the way that blog worked - I had it running like a well oiled piece of machinery, and now I have to learn a new one. As said above, my British butt, as you sweetly call it, will remain here...and look - I replied to my comments!!!!
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