Wednesday, December 14, 2005


A Monster Half-Nekkid Thursday!

Continuing the theme of movies in an HNT styl-ee I have cobbled together, with my poor Photoshop skills, the following monster HNT post.

For a change (and to my wifes dismay) this is all my own work - even down to the photo which I took on a timer delay, rather than enlist her help.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time I've been called a hairy if I could just reach that itch on my back before the airforce arrives to knock me off my perch!

Happy HNT everyone!

haha - Pretty funny Gabby! I love it! I'm impressed with your skills but Martha is still the kick ass queen of photoshop in your family! haha ;)

I want to see this movie this week so it was a great HNT post for me!
Merry HNT my friend!
LMAO! Pretty damn funny! Cheers and happy HNT!
I love it!! Happy HNT!!!
Ah... that's clever and fabulous! HHNT.
Love it! Happy HNT!
*LOL* Gabby, you crack me up! I couldn't wait to get over here to see what movie you did this week. Hehehe. Happy HNT!
Now that's funny!

Haha Gabby, I'm enjoying your movie remake HNT posts! Nicely done, Kong!

Happy HNT!
LOL that was the best!
Awesome! Loved it! You make a great gorilla!

That got a laugh. Happy HNT!
lol well done gabby

Happy HNT
Well done! Very funny, Gabby!
aha! this was the first HNt this week that made me really laugh! i love what youre doing here! good job!
That's awesome! I love creative HNT's! Cool!
THat is freaking awesome! I really am loving the creative HNT's!

Happy HNT Kong!! ;-)
Ha! Wow that's really great!!! Well done.

Happy HNT
Bwahahaha! Love it! Happy HNT!
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