Tuesday, December 06, 2005


"It's a, it's a, it's a...it's a blog!" - THE REMIX!

Martha passed her UK Citizenship test!!!! Hussah!

We don't know what she scored, but I understand there were
24 questions and she was given three quarters of an hour to do them. She told me she was finished in 6 minutes!

Anyway, the upshot of this is she can now apply for her British/UK citizenship and become dual nationality! This opens up a world of wonderful things, like getting through the lineup at the airport faster, that sort of thing. It also has its drawbacks, but lets not ruin the moment!

In other news we decorated the tree a bit last night - it's not quite finished but I got fed up after a while. Anyway it was done enough to impress Audrey - we got some video tape of her seeing it for the first time - at first she was speechless, then she started rattling off all the things she could see hanging from it! It's sooo cute! When I get my act together I'll post some pics of our tree - I'll do a before and after...

Speaking of photos, my HNT post is brewing nicely, but I need Martha's help both taking the pic and probably some Photoshop work...she doesn't know that bit yet!! Ha ha!

I noticed a few comments suggesting I do the nekkid Terminator Arnie...well sorry folks, not going to happen - I don't think my family members who read this will enjoy that too much, even if the rest of you do. Since when was HNT about baring all anyway?!

Myblogsite is STILL up and running...I have a list of expletives for them right now, but I'll get over it...I have to admit to feeling like my blog has lost its way. Now that it's somewhat more linear, I don't feel so inclined to write my thoughts on movies and music so much. I used to be able to tuck those entries away in their relevent sections, so those interested could go see it without subjecting everyone else to it. Without that I'm feeling rather stifled. I know I can create a sub-blog for these things, and I am seriously
thinking about doing that, but it's the general faff I have to set it all up that's putting me off.

Anyway, as a result I am going to get all excitable over the news that the Pet Shop Boys' new album is called "Fundamental" and has a provisional release date of April 17, 2006 and it will be preceded by a new single,

Now don't you wish I had put that someplace else?!

And here's the Remix - CHRISTMAS TREE PICS!

Jumble it all up it's OK! I will now have to check out the Pet Shop Boys on iTunes.

What a lovely tree! I was more struck by the room though. What a great space!
Pretty tree! I like the stand that the tree is in as well.
But I am struck by the space - I love the brick walls... and the tile floor!

And as far as mixing things up a bit, I like it. Nothing in life is all seperated into little compartments, why should a blog?

Of course, the tags that LJ uses would make it easier to find pertinant entries. :)

PVPeeved - Glad I inspired someone to go look for some Pet Shop Boys...

OGO - This is the conservatory at the back of the house - it gets quite cold in there in the winter but houses our dining table set too - it is a big room, most unlike the UK, and bear in mind this house is a rental - we couldn't afford to buy this place!!!

Deb - See OGO's reply above...I dunno, I'm the kind of guy who has places for everything, neat and tidy, and I guess I feel that way in cyberspace too...quit making me feel bad about not using Livejournal!!!!
Wow, cool tree. Is it a potted tree? Or is that just the stand?
Lovely tree you guys! :) Very pretty!
Scott & Julia - Hey guys - FYI the tree is cut and in a stand - the tub has a stand bolted inside it.

Southern Sweetheart - Thank you, I'm glad we opted for a real tree this year.
Yay, new Pet Shop Boys!
Angry Robot - Great to see you back! I'll add you back into my links right now!
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