Friday, December 30, 2005


Happy New Year!

As usual I've lost track of the time what with all the days off and holidays. I didn't even realise today was Friday and forgot to put out the garbage for collection, so next weeks taking out of the garbage will be a fun event!

It also means New Year has crept up on me. We have some plans and it looks like this weekend will be busy as a result.

My parents are in the process of buying a new TV, and I have offered to go with them to select something appropriate for their budget and size of their living room (ie small!). I want to make sure they can receive the free digital channels and hopefully have a means to record shows and watch DVD's either with their existing DVD/VCR or maybe new ones. So tomorrow morning I am getting up at the crack of dawn - which will doubtless please Dawn! ;-P - to go to Stratford to meet them when the shops open to see what we can sort out for them.

After that I shall be whizzing home and Martha, Audrey and myself will be packing our bags to go back to my parents house for New Years Eve. I understand Chinese takeway is on the supper menu, so hurrah to that! I'm guessing Audrey will not be making it through to midnight, and who knows what we'll be doing - playing board games maybe, or if they have their new TV I'll be setting that all up for them...

So we stay the night there and have been asked to remain for Sunday lunch! Yummy! My Mum's Sunday roasts are awesome in my humble opinion, so I'm always up for that.

We'll be leaving pretty sharply I'm guessing though to get back home. On Christmas Day we missed the Christmas special of Doctor Who, and Martha and I were gagging to see it - fortunately it's being repeated on Sunday night, so we want to get home in time for that...unless of course my parents new TV can receive it!!! Ha ha ha!

Thank goodness we have yet another Bank Holiday to recover from all of that on Monday...

So, this will be my last post of 2005. Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2006 brings you all much happiness and maybe a few dreams come true...

Sounds like a busy weekend indeed Gabby. Hope you guys have a safe, healthy, happy, and properous new year...and i wanted to tell you and Martha how much I've appreciated your friendship in blogland this year.... hope you both have a wonderful 2006!
Have a great New Year's Eve!

A fairly good place for television sets is Currys, they usually have good sales and give good discounts as well ;) That information might not be any use by the time you read the comment though :p

The Doctor Episode was great, it's a shame you missed it :(

Anyway, happy new year! :)
SS - Aww, thats sweet! Hopefully we can continue to be blogchums in 2006?!

Sinistrala - Yeah, I think we're headed to either a Curry's or a Dixons...shhh, don't tell me any more, we're definitely not going to miss the Dr Who episode when its repeated tomorrow!!!
Good luck on the TV search and on catching the show you missed. :-)

2005 was indeed good in the blogging world - we somehow found each other! All the best to you, Martha and Audrey for 2006.

Priya - Thanks...we had some success TV parents now have a 32inch Sony LCD TV!!! I was a bit shocked actually - it's bigger than I expected them to get! Thanks for the well wishes, and ditto back to gotta get back to your Xmas photos!!!
Hi! Love you blog articles.
A passionate fan for years so I started my own blog :-)
Hi! Love you blog articles.
A passionate fan for years so I started my own blog :-)
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