Friday, December 09, 2005


Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Today being, as it is, a Friday might be cause enough for celebration on its own. However, there's plenty more to be happy about out there than the fact that the weekend is upon us.

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for Audrey, although officially she's not two until next Tuesday when I shall be doing an official birthday blog about her. To be honest, up until about half an hour ago I was panic stricken by the thought of seven toddlers running riot around our house tomorrow afternoon for two and half hours, but this evening Martha and I have been setting up, and just like decorating the Christmas tree, when it starts to come together you realise how exciting it actually all is.

The birthday banners are up, the balloons are inflated, the goody bags for the kids are filled. We got a lovely cake made in the shape of a 2, and we have activities ready for them to play with. For the parents the wine is in the fridge, the beers are outside (coolest place for them) and its really only the food that remains to be prepared.

Ask me again at this time tomorrow and I may eat my words, but right now I'm actually looking forward to this!

Another thing to be happy about, and something which slipped under my blogging radar is the very welcome return of the Angry Robot. Anyone who gives a remote damn about music should check out his site, and I've put him back on my blogroll to the left. Don't just read a couple of recent posts - get delving into his archives, run a search or two and see what you get.

His return is also making me think about how I might resurrect my music and movies sections that I enjoyed writing so much in my old blog - they weren't the most read sections of my blog, but to some extent gave me the most pleasure to write since these are things I am passionate about and like to air my views on.

Tomorrow is a busy day - starting with long overdue haircuts for the entire family, followed by swimming before coming back home to make the final preparations before the party starts.

I don't think we'll need it, but wish us luck!

Good luck with the party and the preparations that go along with it Gabby! Have a great weekend!

Good Luck with the party! I'm sure everything will go well and that everyone will have a great time!
Mike - Thanks man! Just look out for the quivering wreck in the corner afterwards, because that'll be me.

SS - See Mike's reply above! I'm sure there'll be a full report before the weekend is done.
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