Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Half-Nekkid Thursday - "Groovy!"

It's Half-Nekkid Thursday again! Hurrah!

I've moved from blockbuster movies to B list cult classics this week!

Ably assisted by my wife, Martha, who took the photo of me and did some Photoshop magic (I took the picture of her separately) we've recreated a classic horror movie poster for your HNT delight.

As before I've put the real poster next to it so you can compare and toilet brush holders this week, but I do a mean bit of topiary with that hedge trimmer!

I don't think I need to say any more really except "Gimme some sugar, baby!"

All hail the Evil Dead!

Rock on!
sweet reenactment HNT!!!!!!!! HAHAHA! Nice!
I love this! Happy HNT :)
LOL! Nice reinterpretation ~ Cheers :o)
You forgot the blood!

Very nicely done! LOL
Happy HNT!! :)
I failed to comment on the blue eyes.....
lol Happy HNT
cool pic, but yea u forgot the blood?! lol happy HNT =)
ill give you an A for creativity. but a only a C- that you didnt pick movie poster that featured a scantilly clad lady in it. you should make an ongoing theme of this. you coul dmake a name for yourself just doing posters. cheers!
I give you an A for carrying it out well too! Very nice!

Happy HNT!

The deadites will tremble in fear so long the extension cord reaches
Ha! That's brilliant!

happy HNT
Happy HNT!
hell yeah.. great shot! happy HNT!
LOL, that's awesome! I still think the toilet brush holder was scarier though :) Happy HNT!
Nice, but some how the hedge trimmers just don't scream "MASS MURDERER!" LOL. Good pic. HHNT
Man, anyone that channels Bruce Campbell is alright with me.

WOW! Great pic and technical skills people! Love it!!
*LOL* Gabby, you crack me up! Awesome pic! Happy HNT!
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