Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Half-Nekkid Glug-glug-glug

I was quite unprepared for HNT this week.

Thank goodness therefore that Osbasso once again decreed that we should leave it for this week and resume next week once everyone is back from holidays.

In its place he's suggested we all post our own favourite HNT post this year - you know, the one we're proudest of. To be honest this was a bit of a "no contest" for me, and it'll be fun to share it with people who may have missed it first time around - it is the first post I ever made to Blogger, but at that time I was still using Myblogsite (gits!) to host my blog.

The actual post can be found here with all the relevent blurb on how it all came about.

So here's a family photo - Happy HNT and Happy New Year!

LOL! That really is a great one! Cheers, Happy HNT and have a Wonderful New Year!
Oh I love that! Happy HNT and a very Happy New Year!
Aww -- I liked this one the first time around! :) You guys are sooo cute! Happy HNT!
ADORABLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAppy HNT!
Absolutely stunning image. Happy HNT Gabby
This is such a great pic!
ohhhh what a great pic!! good choice gabby! =) HHNT & HNY'S
Oh, I'm so glad you chose this photo, Gabby! It has always been my favorite of yours. So cool! And your daughter looks absolutely adorable!! Happy HNT! :)
Very cool! HHNT!
Awesome shot!

Happy HNT!
Yep, that one is a good'un!

HHNT!! bring that kid up for air! lol
very original! i guess thats cause most of us dont have undewater cameras. cheers!
I love this, it is the most adorable picture ever.

Happy HNT!
aawww :) fabulous pic :)

happy holidays, hon.
I didn't see this the first time around..went back and read the story.

It's a great pic and your little girl looks like a natural water baby!

Happy HNT! :)
I'm loving this whole 'Best of HNT's' flashbacks...

Happy New Year and Happy HNT.

that kicks much ass!

Happy HNT and Happy New Year!
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