Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Half-Nekkid Christmas

Osbasso has decreed that HNT is suspended this week but I had one all planned out, so you're going to get it anyway. Also he suggested we pick out three fellow HNT'ers and write a short article on what we would get them for Christmas - this is great because it fits in nicely with my HNT photo in any case.

My criteria for the three people I picked was thus - tiny strips of paper with the names of all the people who commented on my last HNT post picked from a hat. There's no room for favouritsm here, and I'm pleased that two of the three are people relatively unknown to me - it's more of a challenge!

Anyway, Tish, Blondie and Warcrygirl - I hope you all like what Bad Santa got you for Christmas! Find out what you got below the HNT pics!

Tish - Ho, ho, ho! Unfortunately I can't fit a full grown man inside my sack, but how about a government grant to start an official print run for the Daily Dump? Also, I think I could arrange for a modelling contract since you seem quite happy to post photos of yourself online without fear!

Blondie - Let me see....I had to have a quick skim through your blogs...I'm thinking maybe something fun for your fish, like a toy diver - one of those ones in the old diving suits with the huge helmets - or a model shipwreck for them to swim around in. Would that be sufficient? I thought maybe a clown fish would be nice as a gift too, but I'm not sure how he'd get along with the ones you already have...

Warcrygirl - I think you need a nice cookery book to go with that new kitchen toy...may I recommend Jamie Oliver (avant garde) or Mary Berry (traditional) cookbooks...also I've sorted out some sessions with a hypnotist to help you with the vertigo and arachnophobia. Just watch out that he doesn't brainwash you!

Special thanks to my wife for her great Photoshop work...I couldn't do this without you!

That's all! Hope you liked your presents and Happy HNT to everyone!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy HNT!
Gabby, you're so sweet! I love the gift! hehe. And I love your photo too. I'm really enjoying this movie theme you've had going on for a while now! It's awesome! Merry Christmas, and Happy HNT! :)
Gabby, thank you sooo much!! hehe

About the clown fish, you're right, poor guy would get eaten...or die from the fresh water...prolly eaten though! I think the diver would be funny because it would freak them out.

About the Bad-der Santa, I just watched that tonight...I would like to blame the Bailey's but is a funny movie.
A very Happy Christmas to you and a Merry HNT!
Cool picture! Didn't it tickle though? that tongue in your ear? ;)

Merry Christmas to you, Martha and little Audrey!
lol Brilliant Pic. Great Gifts. Happy HNT
Nice! Bad Gabby!
Aw Gabby, you know me so well. Now I need to make my list as I seem to be out of the loop.

As usual.

Thanks for thinking of me and Merry Christmas!
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