Sunday, December 18, 2005


"God *help* us everyone!"

The title of this entry is an intentional misquote from Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" and pretty much sums up how I'm feeling.

I have to admit I am absolutely dreading this week.

I don't know about other people, but in my line of work this week officially sucks every year. It's the time when the disorganised customers crawl out of the woodwork realising that they left it too late to ship their goods to arrive by Christmas, but still expect us to deliver them by Christmas.

Even last week I was telling customers that the chances of some of their imports getting delivered in the time frames they were looking at were likely not to happen. This doesn't sound like a great advert for my company, I know, but sorry, I'm a realist - I have over 10 years full time experience (and another 10 probably in part time work) in this field, so I think by now I should know how long things take. I don't make false or hollow promises to my customers, and if I do promise something and it doesn't work out there's usually a damn good reason for it.

The other thing about the Christmas season as far as work is concerned is you have to realise things like planes, ships and trucks do not stop just because it's Christmas. I have this standing annual "joke" (I say it that way because it's not funny) that I almost always have a ship with some cargo for us on it arriving into the UK on Christmas Day. More often than not this is actually the case but there's really very little you can do about it other than deal with it the first day back to work. I realise some people do work Christmas Day and any other special day of the year you care to mention, but I think sometimes people forget that the world doesn't stop just because a large chunk of the worlds population is chowing down on their Christmas turkey.

Anyway, today just started the week off well - we decided in a moment of utter madness to venture a shop at a local mall to find a few last minute gifts. By the time we got there Audrey was a sleep, and Martha was gagging to look at clothes for herself, so I opted to stay in the warmth of the car while Audrey napped. Three quarters of an hour and a large chunk of Placebo's album "Once More With Feeling" later, Martha came back empty handed and Audrey was still asleep (yes, through nearly a whole Placebo album!). I still wasn't keen to shop, so Martha decided to go look around some more. Of course five minutes later Audrey woke up!

I got Audrey into her pushchair and we took off to the store that Martha had said she would be in only to find, of course, that she wasn't there at I waited....and waited a bit more...well, it was warm in the shop at least!

I wasn't too disgruntled when Martha finally appeared, so we decided to go look at some other shops. Bad idea...Audrey didn't want to go shopping, and played up something rotten. After trying to find a new swimsuit for Audrey, and failing, a couple of gifts for ourselves (from Audrey), and failing again, we decided to head over to the Early Learning Centre to get a few final small gifts for a few of Audrey's friends.

Of course once inside a toy shop Audrey was fine...we picked some bits and bobs up and decided to give it all up and go home - via my parents house. Audrey perked up there - she had a lot of fun but we only stayed for a couple of hours and a cup of tea before heading home.

So here I am trying to calm myself down...but as I'm hyped up about the week ahead as it is, I can't see that happening...why does Christmas have to be so stressful?! It takes all the fun out of it...

I'm with you on the Christmas stress thing. My husbands business really picks up at this time of year too. It takes away from our season's fun.

I think it gets to be so stressful because we want everything to be perfect. That really isn't what it's all about though, is it.
OGO - See my next blog above as an example of what Christmas shouldn't be about...
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