Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Cold turkey rant

My name is Gabby and I'm an addict.

I've tried to quit but I can't get enough of the evil leaf. I can't make it through an evening without a hit.

Yes, folks I have fallen spectacularly off the wagon, and have gone back to drinking tea!

Well, what else did you think I was talking about? Drugs?!

It all started innocently enough - I allowed myself the odd cup of tea on special occasions, for example if we were visiting my parents. Then one evening I found myself wanting a cuppa and caved. Since then my evening mug of tea has gone back to becoming a ritual. It's an automatic reaction - I put Audrey to bed, and the first thing I say to Martha is "Fancy a cup of tea?". Of course she doesn't help because she's always up for one too, so it seems a shame to go to all the effort and not to make one for myself at the same time.

Since my fall I have found all the reasons I stopped drinking tea in the first place have returned...a nasty taste in my mouth afterwards, bad breath and a general feeling of bummed out mellowness - oh hang on, I'm like that anyway!

To my credit I still don't drink tea at work, but I can feel I'm on the slippery slope. I need to kick it again for my own good. Hopefully, by admitting my addiction here I can get my act together. I have no excuse - I need it because I'm weak!

Meanwhile, in a bid to finally push me over the edge, work continues to kick my butt. After the lull that was yesterday, I got a sound thrashing today in the form of the usual idiots who seem incapable of reading a simple fax message.

On Monday I had a delivery all arranged for today at 2pm, a slot which I had to book because the company policy is to make timed deliveries. Frankly I was already amazed that I had managed to achieve that deadline, and I think my customer thought that too - he was extremely happy with me on Monday!

So the fax to the person I'm getting to deliver this stuff says something like:-

"Please arrange for delivery Wednesday at 1400 hrs (if time a problem please let me know)"

Easy enough to understand huh?

Today at 3pm I get to thinking "Hmm, I wonder if that stuff got delivered" and call the place to find out. Imagine my shock and surprise to find that it hasn't been delivered at all...and worse still, an attempt to deliver it had been made at 8am (some 6 hours prior to the requested delivery time), to which the driver was told he would have to wait his turn (fair enough). In response the driver chose to bugger off and not bother delivering at all. Not a single attempt was made to contact me to tell me that this was going on. A phone call when he was there might have resolved the whole problem this morning, but our pea brained driver decided it was far more important to get to his next drop, doubtless thinking more about his next fag (cigarette) break.

As much as I can see the idiocy of not taking the goods as presented some 6 hours earlier, there were specific instructions given by me that were not adhered to. When I spoke to the girl I faxed it to (remember, I'm the customer now) I got a "damned if I care" response. I told her, "You screwed are you going to put it right?" to which she responded "We can't now, not until after Christmas."

Well, gee thanks, thats going to make my customer so much less likely to come to my office and rip off my head! Like I said in a previous post, I don't make promises to my customers that I can't keep - if I do, something out of my control has to happen for my promise not to be kept. Here is one such example.

What really gripes me is there is absolutely nothing I could do to stop this from happening. I had done all I could do to get those goods to the right place at the right time. Someone else ballsed it up for me, and yet I am the one who has to take the blame from the customer. I guess that goes with the turf of being a middle-man, but I just wish both customers and the people we sub contract with would use a little bit of common sense. A phone call at the time the problems began is all it would have taken to have resolved this - as the middle-man it's my job to iron out the creases as they happen, but I'm only as good as the information I'm given.

I know I'm good at my job, but unfortunately it's one of those jobs where, if you make everything go smoothly, nobody notices all the work you've put into it. It's only when it gets screwed up that anyone comments, and then it's not usually too complimentary!

Sorry, rant over...I think I need another cup of tea....

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