Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Can I stop eating now?

Christmas is over...done...finito! For another year anyway.

I'll be honest - it's had its moments - good, bad and ugly - but then it wouldn't be Christmas if it didn't would it?

Anyway, I'm not going to bore you with the d
etails, but will show you a few pictorial highlights with some descriptions and/or captions. I'm not going to claim these are all 100% accurate but I'm gearing this more toward fun than fact. There will hopefully be a few more in due course, but for now, here are 7 pictures to start you off...

Christmas morning and Audrey is finding out what's left inside her stocking, having already discarded a water colouring book, a Hoobs book, some chocolates and Noddy!

This is me seconds after being told that my sister was giving us caviar as an hors d'ouvre...

And this is me a few seconds after that discovering that there was also pate as an alternative!

Audrey with a new Pooh apron...

And finally, Dad bought my sister's boyfriend this electronic horse racing game. It's really funny. You set up the track, charge up the horses, tune them up, then they run around the track...here you can see the four riders under starters orders. The gates open electronically too and the sound effects and music (William Tell Overture) are hilarious!

Here are the two leaders heading down the straight!

Isn't it amazing how something this daft can amuse and entertain a group of adults for hours?!

Hey Gabby, haven't commented for awhile, sorry 'bout that! Audrey looks adorable in her new apron. That race track looks pretty cool...I wonder, could a different horse win each time? Maybe you could bet quarters (substitute British currency here) :)

Happy Holidays!
Mike - About the horses: yes a different horse CAN win...at the bottom of the first picture you can see a brown coloured key - you use this to "adjust" the speed setting on your horse...however, if you set it too fast the horse can buck up or fall off the track, so there is a little bit of "science" behind it...not much granted, but enough to make a difference!
LOL, Gabby, I love the pics! Those expressions on your face are priceless! Sorry for causing you problems with the video that was playing on my page. I actually wondered if anyone was having problems with that. I took it down, so you should be able to visit my site from home now. Have a wonderful day!!
Tish - Thanks for removing the video...thats really sweet of you to do that...I hope it didn't annoy anyone that you took it down!
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