Friday, December 02, 2005


Busy weekend ahead and health weirdness

This weekend is going to be busy busy busy!

Next Saturday (the 10th) we are having a birthday party for Audrey and we want to get all the stuff we need sorted this weekend. So we're talking party favours, party food, and stuff to keep the kids happy for 2-3 hours.


Also we have a shopping list of things we need to take up to my sister for Christmas...this consists of things like alcohol, alcohol, and more alcohol...

Add to that the requirement for a Christmas tree, a swimming lesson for Audrey and a Sunday promise to go visit my parents and you've got a weekend where there's no chance of getting a moments rest.

Oh and did I mention I was up until 3am last night chatting to blogchums? Somewhat unplanned and deeply regretting it now because I am so tired...I know its my fault - I just don't know how to say goodbye!

Something interesting today - Dad just got a note from a cousin who has just been diagnosed with Dupuytren's Contracture. This is a disease which affects the fingers, drawing them towards your palm due to a thickening of the connective tissue in the palms. Surgery isn't always successful in stopping this from occurring or recurring. Obviously you can imagine the implications of such a thing happening to your hands and I understand it can be quite painful too. Initial signs of this problem can be nodules that appear on your palms often down the crease lines.

So here's the interesting bit - this is hereditory, and mostly found in people of Celtic origin - for Celtic read not just Irish/Scottish, but also Viking descendants.

So here's the weirdness - not only is my family on my fathers side of Danish origin, but only a few months ago I began to develop small nodules on the palms of my hands. Only a few mind, but enough to make me wonder what on earth they were, so I got Googling and discovered this stuff about Dupuytren's Contracture. It kind of freaked me out at the time, but I decided not to panic and see what happened to these things. Eventually they went away, and now my hands are totally fine.

Therefore imagine my surprise when Dad gave me this news today and imagine his surprise when I told him I knew about the condition and actually thought I had it!!!

So where does this leave me - I have a direct relative who has officially been diagnosed with the condition, and something freaky that happened to me a few months back which led me to the very same conclusion. For now my hands are 100% fine, but today just got me thinking. I doubt theres anything I can do - I have no visible signs of this any more, and unless I start to notice anything unusual there really isn't any point in seeing a doctor.

Doubtless I'll forget in time, and store this information in my archives...however, it did make me think long and hard today about what could be in store...

Family history is always rapt with surprises!

One thing you should do is talk to your doctor about this and have him/her put it in your medical record. (the family history part of it - and the weird symptoms if you like).

Most of my family just has the run of the mill heart disease and the like. Nothing exotic here!


Deb - Yeah, I wondered if I should go to the quack and mention it, but I don't go to the doctors much even when I am sick, so doubtless it will be swept under my mental carpet until it's too late...

Run of the mill heart disease...I'd hardly call it's a funny old world...
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