Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Announcement, Birthday and going to Prison

This is a public service announcement...

A little while ago I was chatting to a fellow blogger and they asked me if I ever check their blog comments for replies from them to the comments I have left. Blogger is unfortunate in that it doesn't notify you if someone leaves a comment to your comment (are you following this?) unlike Livejournal which creates threads of comments, also a feature that Myblogsite used. This is a great feature and one I miss a great deal over here on Blogger.

Anyway, I do, wherever possible reply to peoples comments, so it is sometimes worth your while coming back to see if I have replied to you should you decide to leave one. The only time I don't reply is on HNT day - it's too much to reply to every single comment, and also I think it's not really the point.

Public service announcement ends.

Happy Birthday to my sister, Louise!

My my, what a week - two birthdays right after each other. I can't wait to see my big sister at Christmas - we have our ups and downs like all siblings, but I love her and I know I don't say it very often.

Christmas is looming like a great big looming thing. I think I'm just starting to get into the spirit, now that Audrey's birthday is over...we can finally put all our focus on Christmas now rather than going around like headless chickens with 100 things to do. We still have 100 things to do, but at least they are mostly related to the events of the next two weeks.

Today at work was pretty hellish in the morning. Apart from the usual catching up after a day off, I also had a visit from Her Majesties Customs & Excise (or Revenue and Customs as they now want to be known). Part of my job involves paying and accounting for the import duty on beers, wines and liquor for customers wishing to bring it in from European countries. Obviously this is quite a big deal for customs, so they make regular checks to make sure everything is above board and our papers are correct. I like to think I'm pretty meticulous with all of this, but even I make the odd mistake. The greater worry though is the authenticity and intentions of our customers, some of whom I am convinced are running some kind of scam when they make these imports. I have nothing to prove it of course, and don't want to get into trouble, so all I can do is make sure our side of the operation is completely squeaky clean. However when customs come a'knocking it's quite disruptive to my working day, and you do sometimes feel like it's the Spanish Inquisition ("No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!").

Anyway, this time around it all went relatively smoothly. However, I could relate one or two scarier occasions. I don't think they'll be hauling me off to prison just yet, but I hope you'll all write to me if they do!

So off to formulate my HNT post! Can't believe its that time already!

I always forget to see if you comment on my comments...I miss those comment notifications too. I don't know how I'd keep up with LJ didn't have that option!
Priya - Did you miss this one?! ;-)
It is a truly sucky thing about Blogger...maybe I'll go back to LJ... ;-D
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