Monday, December 19, 2005


"And so this is Christmas!"

Well my worries about this week (see yesterdays post) were not unfounded.

It was all going so well at work up until lunchtime too. One big worry I knew I had, did in fact work itself out and was resolved by then, but the day was still able to kick my ass in the afternoon and it's not over yet.

Just before the stroke of 5pm I hung up on a phone call and looked over my shoulder at the post tray where I had put two very urgent letters for next day delivery. They were still there! Nobody had taken the post up to the post office yet, and normally they close off the next day delivery service at 5pm!

You have never seen me move so fast. I grabbed my coat, the post bag and the two urgent letters, and belted down to the post office. It's normally a pleasant enough walk down the main street of the town I work in - narrow and with nice quaint shops, but its not so great when you're trying to get to the post office before they close up and everyone on the street is seemingly there for the sole purpose of getting in your way.

Luckily, I did make it just in time, and was quite surprised that despite my 2 minute sprint I wasn't as out of breath as I expected...maybe I'm not so out of shape as I thought?!

What was weird about today, was although I was busy this afternoon, once I'd got back from the post office I discovered I had nothing more to do and could go home pretty much at the same time as I normally do. You see there comes a point in my work where you simply can not physically do any more until the next day. Sure, you can shuffle a few papers at best, but once you've faxed or emailed everyone there is to fax or email, thats pretty much all you can do. It's a weird feeling especially after being so busy - I felt like I was forgetting to do something, like there was unfinished business, but I rifled through my files and discovered I'd caught up! It kind of catches you off guard.

Anyway, more of the same tomorrow I have no doubt...

Isn't it nice when you don't have to stay at work late when you were fully prepared to!? I wish I had gotten off on time today --- I worked an hour and half over but that's ok --- :)

Hope the rest of the week isn't too stressful or busy on you! :) Smile --- it's Christmas time! :) hehehe
SS - Yes, but what sucks are the days you NEED to get home on time and idiot calls you as you walk out the door! And I'm smiling - you just can't tell through my clenched teeth!
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