Monday, November 28, 2005


Warning - if you're eating, do not read this entry!

It's been a funny old day. On the one hand my cold seems to be getting better - I took some pills this morning but haven't had the need for any more since. On the other, we have Martha who is sicker now, and had to come home from work at lunchtime and spent the afternoon sleeping.

Then there is Audrey!

This morning she was really out of sorts - she just would not stop crying. She's also been complaining lately that her mouth hurts. We can only assume it's some of her last milk teeth coming through, which would be normal around about her age. She's also got a raised temperature which could also be a result of that.

Indeed today she wasn't in the mood for eating, and our childminder had to puree her lunch in order that Audrey would eat it.

Today it also snowed...and quite a bit considering we're in the UK - it didn't stick though. However that didn't stop idiots on the roads thinking that it had suddenly become an ice rink and that they should only travel a 5 miles per hour! Therefore my drive home took a little longer than normal, but I found, on clearer stretches of road (by clearer I mean traffic, not snow) I was able to go roughly my normal speeds. Honestly, as a nation we go faint at the slightest chance of bad weather, and it's utterly pathetic!

When I got home I was greeted by Martha announcing that Audrey had just been sick on the carpet...oh joy! Audrey was running about also proclaiming her news to one and all!

I busied myself with getting supper ready while Martha continued to attend to Audrey who whist seeming under the weather, seemed generally OK. Then, just as supper was ready, Audrey made for the bathroom where she proceeded to bring up all her food from the day...this obviously upset her a lot, and the more she cried, the more she puked, and the more she puked, the more she cried! Most of it ended up on the floor or in Audrey's potty, but also Martha took some on her clothes too...yucky!

We managed to calm Audrey down, but she was shaking all over, and we told her we were going to give her a bath, which seemed to take her mind off things a bit. The promise of a nice warm bath and some play with her toys really helped, and once in the bath she was pretty good, although kind of out of it...towards the end we thought she was falling asleep in the tub!

Anyway, we got her ready for bed - she had a fever and was shaking uncontrollably for a while until we got her pajamas on. She took a little milk and then Martha was able to put her down to sleep. She's been kind of restless since, occasionally coughing, which freaks me out because I keep waiting for the sound of retching to follow...

Martha and I finally had supper, and spent the rest of the evening swopping Scrabble goes and chatting to some folk online. It feels like a bit of a wasted evening, but when you've got a sick baby what can you do? You're just on edge all night and need to get your mind off things.

So, I hope you all heeded my warning and I didn't put you off your breakfast/second breakfast/lunch/supper (*delete as appropriate).

Please God let it be an event free night!

Aww, I feel for Audrey. When I get sick like that, it makes me want to cry too. :(

Hopefully she's feeling better now.

It's awful when babies are sick. My son was dealing with a fever last week. He was miserable and so we were all miserable!
Deb - Audrey seems better - just need me and Martha to get well now...

OGO - Aww sorry to hear that - you're right though, it does bring everyone down when the little ones are sick.
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