Monday, November 28, 2005


My blog - Where it goes nobody knows!

And the winner is....
Blogger! Welcome to my new blog!

Yes, I've finally decided that this is the final resting place for my blog. It still needs some tweaking here and there, but at least I can post my thoughts and photos and keep a nice tidy li
st of links and buttons down the side. I've already had some teething troubles just writing this post, but once I get used to Blogger's foibles I'll no doubt become a masterful blogger on it!

First up I want to post the photos from today that I promised on Myblogsite...

This is Audrey and her robot made with Duplo blocks. OK, I built it - I know we think she's smart, but she's not that bloody good!!!

This is Audrey kissing the robot just as his arms fell off - the bricks dont click together terribly well.
And these are the almond, oatmeal and maple syrup cookies with jam on them. The gingerbread man shaped one lost an arm - he was in sympathy with the robot evidently.

Hi Gabby! Love the "new blog" and I hope you like it here in bloggerville! :)

Cute pics of Audrey too -- and yeah, we all know you bought the blocks for YOU, not HER! :)
Thanks SS!

Well of course you would say that, you HAVE to love it!

The blocks for me????! Never!
Are you SURE this is where you are staying? Can I delete the LiveJournal place from my favorites?

Those cookies sound yummy! Would you share the recipe?
OGO - yes please delete the Livejournal blog from your favourites...I'm keeping the account because I have some LJ blogchums, but I wont be posting there for the foreseeable future.

Sure I'll share the recipe...we actually didn't quite make them the right way - the almonds and oatmeal are meant to be well ground, but we don't have the means to do it. Anyway, I'll see about posting it soon...
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