Thursday, November 03, 2005

Half Nekkid in my car

The photo below is a recreation of the scene five minutes after I left work tonight.

*Hmm, why are we not moving any more?*

My car had stopped working and I was sitting on the hard shoulder of one of the busiest motorway intersections in the UK.

I first called my wife to tell her I'd be late getting home, and then called the AA - no, not Alcoholics Anonymous, that's for later - the Automobile Association of which I am a paid up member to come out and help.

Several thoughts went through my mind as to what could be wrong, all of which weren't good - the least worrying but most probable cause was a dead battery, after the unfortunate episode with my car last week on returning from our holiday.

Luckily it was a relatively warm evening for early November, and in spite of the downpours we'd had earlier that day, it wasn't raining, so I was quite happy to wait patiently at the roadside playing games on my mobile phone.

The AA man duly arrived (earlier than anticipated!) and I told him my flimsy theory about the cars battery and he gave it a boost, but the car still wouldn't start. Hmmm! Not good.

Suddenly I started having a weird flashback to earlier in the week. I remembered noticing that the cars fuel gauge had shown itself to be over half full, yet I seemed to recall it showing less than half full prior to the weekend. Added to that was that I had appeared not to reset my mileage when I fuelled up the last time, something I don't normally forget to do. It's something I'd thought was weird at the time, but had just ignored because it just didn't make enough sense so therefore had to be a figment of my fevered imagination. Except now I was beginning to wonder if maybe it wasn't.

While the AA man continued to try to fathom what was wrong I rifled through the receipts in my wallet to find the last time I refuelled the car. The only one I found was dated from last Tuesday. Under normal circumstances I can go a full week without refuelling, today is work it out!

I got the AA man's attention ans suggested he check to see if I was out of fuel. He looked a bit baffled and looked at the dash and reminded me that my fuel gauge still read that the tank was half full. I managed to convince him to at least give it a go, and after some pointless mucking about under the bonnet (hood) of the car, he finally put 5 litres of fuel into the tank.

*The offending fuel gauge*

Anyone want to guess what happened next? You got it! The car started and it was totally fine!

The nice AA man wanted reimbursing for the fuel of course, and I gladly did so, and continued on my way to a filling station where my car chugged a further 42 litres, before I sped back home.

The only redeeming fact of this little debacle is it did provide me with something to do for HNT, as up to that point I hadn't a clue what to do for it.
I thought for HNT I'd get a nice shot of the gauge reading half full, but sadly the car scuppered me again - now full of fuel the needle returned itself to the full position as you can see.

I wish you all a wonderful HNT and happy motoring!

*Me giving my car a severe telling off!*

Ahh, yes, the faulty fuel gauge..I know it all to well. Do you drive an American car by any chance? ;) Happy HNT!
Aaaargh I hate running out of fuel, but being absent minded it does happen.

Happy HNT all.
gotta hate when that happens! happy HNT!
i have been known to run a car on petrol fumes before now due to my forgetfulness/stupidity!
happy hnt :)
Lucky, i've yet to run out of fuel! Happy HNT!
lol!!! sure blame it on the gauge....
Fuel's too expesnive. That's why I only drive downhill.

Happy HNT!
Happy HNT...
Geeez that sucked! The fuel gauge, I mean, not the pics!

Happy HNT anyway!
That sucks!
Sexy legs!!!!

Happy HNT
Sexy legs...Maybe its because your car got confused...its got the steering wheel on the wrong side!!

*kidding* hehe

I hate that problem, I have to go by how many miles I've driven on my old faithful truck with each tank of gas. ugh

A Very happy HNT to you though!!
Hey! Happy HNT!
Hahaha! Thanks for the entertaining story and photos! I used to have a car that's fuel gauage went out. I was driving down the road one day, and I saw the guage go all the way to the full position from near empty! And it stayed there! When I finally traded the car in, I didn't tell a soul. I'm sure somebody found out the hard way! LOL. Happy HNT, Gabby! :)
I drank soooo much the last time my car broke down, I had to call AA too!

No really... excellent job!
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