Thursday, November 24, 2005

Half-Nekkid at the movies!

I just got back from the cinema having seen the Wallace & Gromit movie...very good indeed!

So since we're in movie mode and last weeks HNT went down so very well (NOT) I am going to subject you to more of the same. By the way, last weeks answer was quite easy - it was of course "Kill Bill".

Name the movie, and happy HNT! Answer next week.

EDIT: I'm going to hand out some clues - compass and animation. No more clues!

Happy HNT!
Nice photo! I have no idea what the movie is though! Happy HNT!
Nice hand btw.
Edward Scissorshand... in the Park?

I give

Happy HNT
No clue. LOL

Happy HNT
Hmm, Team America? Or South Park Movie?

Happy HNT!
Finding Nemo??
Happy HNT!
Hey check this out
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