Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Attention all Livejournal users - and some other stuff for the rest of you...

Firstly a big overdue thank you to Priya (A Movement in Time & Space) for changing the RSS feed details on Livejournal that allows people who have LJ accounts to see when I have update my Blogger blog. I think this was one of the things I wanted to mention last night, but it toally slipped my mind.

Anyway, for those of you who come here from Livejournal, you can have your very own LJ link to me by "friending" LJ user "gavinkagan" if you haven't already done so. There's a direct link to it in the left hand column now too...

I've just figured out why I'm feel crappier than normal today even though my cold seems to be getting better. I decided not to have any cold & flu medicine this morning, so as a result I'm rather stuggling at the moment. I suspect I will improve as the day goes on, since I have done most days, but I'm struggling a bit this morning.

Audrey's acting very strangely still. This morning she woke up quite chipper, then requested to use her potty. As soon as we got her to the bathroom she started to cry, and she didn't stop - she was still crying when we packed her into Martha's car to take her to the childminder over half an hour later. Not once did she tell us what was causing her to cry - she asked for milk, she asked for her potty again, she even calmed down a bit when she saw the Fimbles on TV, but she never did go on the potty, she drank no milk, and the Fimbles distraction was short lived. I even tried putting some gel on her teeth in case that was what was troubling her, but it made no difference.

Even the mighty Fimbles couldn't stop Audrey from crying!

Anyway, this made Martha and I quite fractious with each other, but we still managed to leave for work with an "I love you!" to each other over the wailing baby in the back seat! I think tonight we'll be having a counsel of war and deciding how to deal with this behaviour which appears to me to be the "Terrible Twos" arriving two weeks early.

So, today is officially the last day of now abandoned Myblogsite blog. I think I should be wearing a black armband - I still feel like it was a very good blog site, but maybe we're in a VHS versus Betamax scenario - I don't know! What happens tomorrow I have no idea - will they just pull the plug on it, or will it remain online for a while?

Anyway, if it's what turns your crank, it's your last chance to post a rude comment on it!

Hey there! You're welcome. :-)

What is up with the two-year-olds?? Are Nadia and Audrey comparing notes by email or something? We need to curb their internet time...

Yeah, that was weird...maybe our kids are colluding some how...
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