Saturday, October 22, 2005

We're back in Blightey! Hussah!

Left under a bit of a cloud - ten minutes before we were supposed to leave for the airport Martha announced she'd lost her Canadian bank card - you know, the one we need to buy petrol for the car with, and supper and stuff at the airport...we never found it and half an hour later she'd called the bank and cancelled it.

Nonetheless we got to the airport in time - woofed down a burger at Harvey's on Dixon Road, and dropped the car off with a full tank having just enough cash to do it...inside the terminal we were told we were over our weight limit...

Get this, we were 12 kilos over, and they charged me $84 Canadian for the privilege of letting it on board...what a rip off! Get this too, because we got a "free" ticket for Audrey because she is still classed as an infant, she has no, zero, zilch, baggage entitlement! Does anyone with kids think this is completely daft or is it just me? Two adults and a toddler and MOST of our luggage was for Audrey, yet she's the one who has no baggage entitlement!

As usual I am happy to name and shame - this was Air Transat. Cheap, yes, helpful, no. At Christmas we flew BA in much the same manner and Audrey was allowed luggage. I guess you get what you pay for...

I got pretty fumed about it, but Martha told me to stop making a scene and cough up the dough. Boo!

Picked up some duty free booze and souvenirs for people who'd asked for them and waited and waited and waited...

Anyway, the flight itself was OK - Audrey screamed her head off on takeoff, maybe because of the ear problem, but soon settled down and went to sleep for the entire flight. She was a bit wriggly which meant Martha and I couldn't really nap or get comfortable, but we did manage to blag that extra third seat again which made a big difference.

I was still kind of cranky when we arrived, and got peeved when some women (British, I hasten to add) hogged the baggage conveyor belt - yeah, lets assume OUR luggage is so important it will be first out! WTF?! In the end it was actually OUR bags that came out ahead of theirs and I had to push past them (politely asking them to get out of the way). They didn't exactIy part like the Dead Sea so I nearly missed one bag and ended up stomping on one of the women's feet...was I sorry? - heck no! Grrrrr!

Anyway, the drive home was uneventful and we came home to a mountain of post (bills of course!) and spent the rest of this afternoon recouping. Martha went to bed for the best part of 3 hours, and I looked after Audrey who was surprisingly chipper.

I really struggled, but had a spurt of energy and got everything unpacked, did 3 or 4 loads of laundry (I lost count), defrosted the fridge, made Audrey her supper, and together we gave her a bath. And yes, I do wear a big red cape with an "S" on it and sport underwear over my tights!

Audrey is now sound asleep - for how long is anyones guess!!! I am suddenly feeling ridiculously alert and awake and ready for a quiet evening until bedtime...

I promise I'll post photos of our trip soon, but not tonight! I need to sort through them!

I'm off to catch up on what I've been missing in blogland!

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