Thursday, October 20, 2005

Well here it is as promised...Audrey, my daughter, standing inside a 2ft tall pumpkin!

We also got a cute hat for her which had black bats on it, but you can't see them. I think the pose is rather like "Bewitched".

Although this isn't really an official HNT post, since it's Thursday, I'm off to Osbasso's site to log it as one.

Oh, I cut a face out afterwards and hope to post a few pics of it another time and of our trip in general...

Aww, she's such a cutie! And welcome to Canada :) Happy HNT!
being a halloween baby myself, that is too cute!
happy HNT!
How adorable, she is beautiful!
That is so PRECIOUS!!
I love it, good pic!
Happy HNT!
That is just to cute!!
That's a rather large pumkin. Cute photo too.
Very cute! Happy HNT!
Phenominal portrait! Happy HNT!
Very adorable! Happy HNT!
Awww.... too cute!
holy pumpkin!!
cute baby too ; )
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