Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Half-Nekkid Chef!

It's Half-Nekkid Thursday again, and I know we're supposed to be doing Halloween pics but I kind of did that last week with the "Muchkin in a Pumpkin" picture, so sorry to disappoint but there's no ghoulies or ghosties here!

However, I present to you a series of three photos taken by my wife of myself making pizza dough.

Friday nights have almost always been pizza night for us, but here in the UK good pizza is a rare thing. Pizza Hut is probably the best if you can be bothered to drive out to get them, since our nearest is a good 10 or 15 minute drive away and they wont deliver. The places that do deliver quite frankly suck! I've yet to have one that didn't.

So we took to making our own pizzas, first buying ready made bases at the supermarket until they decided to pull them from the shelves in favour of completely ready made pizzas. As a result Friday pizza night was a bummer because I'd have to trawl across to Pizza Hut on my way back from work, wait in a place full of screaming kids for 20 minutes, and trudge home to enjoy luke warm pizza.

Step in my sister and her Jamie Oliver cookbook (AKA the Naked Chef - which seems appropriate), and a rather spiffing and basic pizza dough recipe. we haven't looked back since then, although their preparation can be time consuming. However, this way we get exactly what we want on our pizzas, they're hot from the oven every time, and nobody has to drive anywhere! What more could you wish for? OK, you can also make a batch and FREEZE them for another time too! Satisfied now?!

Anyway, I tend to be the chef in the house so it's usually up to me to make these, and my kneading skills are excellent!

Since it is supposed to be a Halloween post you also might like to percieve picture number three as pair of dismembered hands groping through some oozing zombie brains. Talk about giving you value for money on HNT today!

Have a great one!

First woo hoo...hands in flour woot...looks like fun! Happy HNT guys!
Nothing quite like kneading dough. Great pic sequence.

Happy HNT all
yummy yummy!

happy hnt!
cooking naked? Isn't that a health code violation?

Happy HNT!
Wow, a man who can cook! Good job! And hope you had a great time in our neck of the woods :) (We live very close to Owen Sound)

Great pics!
Make mine with pepperoni and 'shrooms! hehe. Great photos, Gabby! As always!
OMG i'm so turned on lol ..*wink* Happy HNT!
Sticky finger food making is fun!!
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