Saturday, October 22, 2005

As promised a few pics from our trip.

This first one was taken at a great playground in Owen Sound which had a bit of a dinosaur theme going on.

This is at the same playground - this is one of the coolest swings I've ever seen, although I was worried that Audrey would keel over backwards and fall off.

So here is the carved pumpkin after we'd finished with Audrey standing inside it. Martha drew the face and I carved it. The "teeth" happened by accident, but I liked it enough to leave it.

And here it is at night with a candle inside it! Spooky!

This is sunset at a place called Mitchells Bay about a half hour drive from where Martha's parents live. We had a nice meal at a restaurant after this shot was taken. Also Martha worked at another place just down the road one summer to raise enough funds to get her through her next term at University - she was a chef and apparently exposed a coworker who had been serving up chicken sandwiches, but inadvertently filling them with fish! How none of the customers noticed I guess we shall never know!

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