It's Half-Nekkid Thursday once again, and the last one I'll be doing for a couple of weeks since I shall be away having a well deserved holiday.

I've decided to double post this to my Myblogsite blog, and separately to my Blogger account which may just be a haven for my HNT posts generally...we'll see what happens.

So, I finally got the HNT picture I've been dying to share with you for 4 weeks now, so I hope it lives up to expectations.

This was taken by our swimming instructor during a special session we had where we paid for the photo to raise money for some gear they needed for the pool. They have a website at where you can see many more similar photos and get an idea of what they do!

The pool we swim in is a special needs one so they can put disabled people in using an overhead crane. They also use the pool for families like us who want to teach our babies how to understand and respect the water and learn to swim safely without fearing it. It's a lot of fun, and Audrey loves it most of the time! We are actively encouraged to submerge them once or twice each session, unless of course the child patently says they don't want to. Audrey's never really minded although she hasn't entirely got the hang of spitting out water when she accidentally gets a mouthful!

I also realise that for some of you this will be the first time you've seen a photo of my wife, Martha, and I have to tell you she's not overly pleased about it being the first one, so I may have to rectify that in a future post with something a little more pleasing to her.

So the deal was that we all submerged together and as soon as we saw the flash of the camera we could come back up. This of course meant keeping our eyes open, which I don't enjoy doing underwater, but I think it makes for a better photo.

Anyway, Happy HNT all, and see you in a couple of weeks!