Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!!!

Well, it's HNT again, and this week I promise no cute baby!

Actually, this time it's a beautiful 4 inch vertical scar on my "Alien" scar! Yep, thats where the little critter burst out of me and did the "hokey cokey" on the operating table before scuttering off to cause havoc on the spaceship.

OK, the real story isn't so silly and a bit gruesome - it is a scar I aquired as a very tiny baby (about 2 months old) from a condition quite common in boys called Pyloric Stenosis. Are you still with me because this might gross you out...

With this condition the muscular tissue in the stomach does not allow food to pass downward. The result of course is a very sick baby who throws up a lot and gets rather malnourished.

Fortunately, once diagnosed, it's a simple procedure to sort out leaving a minute scar on the abdomen and in no time I was piling on the pounds. Of course, as you grow, so the scar tissue stretches, and you end up with a monster like that across your tummy! C'est la vie!

Anyway, as an aside you can marvel at my navel hair and somewhat out of shape gut as well...I contemplated leaving the nipples in shot, but thought what was here was quite enough for one HNT post - got to save some of that flesh back for another day!

Enjoy (if that's the right word!)

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