Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It's Half-Nekkid Thursday!

Well, it's that time again to bare all for HNT!

Third week running I have been unable to come up with the photo I REALLY want to post - I should have scanned it yesterday but forgot to take it to work, so once again I had to think of something else.

Today's HNT is therefore a direct reference to a post I did a couple of days ago about my rather bushy eyebrows and how they came to be well and truly plucked!

Rather than re-write the whole thing, here is a link to the story.

So here are my beautifully plucked eyebrows, and my not so beautiful eyes!

Happy HNT everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Half-Nekkid Thursday

It's HNT again, and once again I've been let down on the picture I've been dying to post for 2 weeks now...I'm waiting for an email, and it's just not transpired in spite of several reminders....grrr! Maybe next week...

This weeks post is a close up of my trademark stubble. I shave once a week normally, partly through laziness, partly through lack of time, and partly because my skin just couldn't take that sort of daily punishment.

When I started shaving in my teens it was with an electric razor and I just hated it. I soon started to wet shave, but found that I just made mincemeat of my face if I did it too often - not cuts strictly, just razor burn and spots. Therefore I took to shaving once or twice a week instead. Nobody at school seemed to mind - I guess they thought it was just another teenager making some sort of fashion statement - it was around the time of Miami Vice after all!

After the whole designer stubble phase went away though, I still continued to do this weekly regime, finding that a good weekly shave left my skin in much better shape, and I'd get a much better shave too. Of course I got lots of comments from folk who thought I was a slob, and some such nonsense, but I shrugged it off because people shouldn't assume and like I said, eventually it becomes your trademark, and those close to you get used to the idea.

I've toyed with growing it as a full beard and a goatee (photographic evidence of both exist), but when it gets longer you can see a lot of grey and some red/auburn hair too - it's just not "me". Stubble is where it's at and dare I say it, has recently been making a fashion comeback! I knew if I held out long enough I'd be trendy again!!!

Martha says she likes it, except when kissing me because it's like kissing sandpaper, but she tolerates it very well.

So what you see here is four days growth - I shaved Sunday morning and the picture was taken Wednesday night. Quite why I put the Judge Dredd mouth on I'm not quite sure...maybe I just wanted to look mean!

Enjoy and Happy HNT!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Half-Nekkid Thursday is here!!!

It’s Half-Nekkid Thursday again!!! This week I hoped for something really special but it hasn’t come to fruition – however, it will make a great future HNT post, so it’s waiting in the wings, and as soon as I have it, it will be posted for HNT!

Therefore this week I had to do something rather last minute, and being as my brain is fried from too many late nights, the old grey cells are not feeling especially creative. Therefore this week I give you yet another of Gabby’s scars!

The photo itself is of my right arm, but the focus here is on the elbow, and a grey dot you should be able to see on it – if you follow a straight line from the tip of my elbow it’s a couple of inches in. If you’re still struggling, just marvel at my elbow and forearm instead!

The scar is from a dog bite I received when I was about 9 or 10 and is a lesson to everyone never to try taking a bone from a hungry yellow Labrador! It was on a hot summers afternoon, and the family dog was happily chewing on a bone in the garden, when Gabby, in his infinite wisdom decided it would be a good idea to take said bone from said dog.

Everything happened in a flash - a single quick bite to my arm, and I was running indoors crying, blood seeping from my elbow. I remember my mother making me run it under the tap to assess the damage, and we drove to the hospital emergency ward where it took forever to get seen to. I recall seeing one guy walking around with blood soaked bandages around his head, insisting he was safe to drive home, having taken a fall onto his living room fireplace. Needless to say, the doctors were trying to persuade him to stay put. It was mayhem in that A&E ward!

I was given a tetanus shot and three stitches in my elbow and have every so slightly wary of dogs ever since. The family dog got his bone back and lived out the rest of his days happily at home, never again to be bothered by stupid little boys who should know better!

Happy HNT everybody and don’t forget to check out Osbasso’s blog using the HNT button on the left hand side of this blog for all the HNT rules!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Half-Nekkid Thursday!!

It's Half-Nekkid Thursday once again, and I feel like I'm really getting into the swing of this now. If you don't know the deal with HNT by now you should check out Osbasso's blog!

Todays HNT pic was taken by myself with what was at the time my wife's brand spanking new digital camera. We obviously needed something to try out all the features on, and I wanted to try the close-up mechanism that allows you to take pictures of tiny object close up without them going all blurry.

So what better than a photo of my wife's toes? Yes, that fits the profile nicely - small and cute but wait! They somehow lack a certain je ne sais quoi that will really put that camera through its paces! I know I'll draw a little face on her big toe with a pen and see how well the camera can pick up that detail!

Great! Say "cheese" Martha!

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