Wednesday, August 24, 2005


My First Half-Nekkid Thursday!

This was my first effort at Half-Nekkid Thursday which was originally posted on my former blog which has since been removed from the web by the hosts, Myblogsite. Thats sounds wrong I know! The whole of Myblogsite was removed, not just MY blog!

Anyway, before that happened I tried to backup my blog for my personal records, and to an extent succeeded. However, some posts somehow got mislaid, and this was one of them - therefore I no longer have the accompanying text to go with the photo. In fact the only thing remaining is the tag-line "Please be gentle with me!" as I was obviously worried about the reaction I'd get from other bloggers! Fortunately feedback has always been favourable!

I think the photo pretty much speaks for itself. It was a regular bathtime with my daughter Audrey, and my wife took the photo. As you can see, I'm having more fun with her bath toys than she is!

All HNT posts after this one have been lovingly recreated here on my Blogger account from the original Myblogsite. The only thing sadly missing from all of them are the comments left by other people. I could have added them to the text, but it would have been a labour of love for me, so decided not to do it.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday! I hope you enjoy them!

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